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"I come from an Exmoor farming family that has lived and farmed on Exmoor for over 500 years. I want to give North Devon a strong voice in Westminster. North Devon voted decisively to leave the EU, yet politicians are not listening to us and this needs challenging.
The British political system needs reform and the Brexit Party wants to lead this change. 
Ensuring a proper Brexit and reinvesting & rejuvenating the regions, including our fishing and coastal communities, public transport and road infrastructure, broadband and High Streets. Safeguarding farming, investing in young people and encouraging 
entrepreneurs. I want to restore democracy,  integrity and trust to British Politics.
The Brexit Party is not now standing a candidate for North Devon in the 12 December General Election.

A functioning democracy is the bedrock of happiness, prosperity and peace. Both the EU and the British Parliament have been playing fast and loose with our democracy. The Brexit Party is committed to parliamentary and electoral reform.


Farming on Exmoor and as an Exmoor pony conservationist I care deeply about the health, wellbeing and prosperity of farming, quality food production, food safety and security, and our cultural landscape & heritage. I know how tough and unpredictable it can be and I will be lobbying hard for farming and farming communities. We have a great opportunity post-Brexit to shape tailor-made agricultural policy to suit British farming and we need to ensure our voices are heard and suitable farming support continues.  ​


The Brexit Party believes that in the long term only a clean break with the EU will allow the UK to really prosper. A free and independent UK will have greater flexibility to adapt our laws and regulations in a rapidly changing world.


The Brexit Party is not just about Brexit. It is also about politically empowering the regions, increasing investment in infrastructure and providing better funding for the people of North Devon.


One of the reasons I am standing with The Brexit Party is how it is enthusiastically embracing diversity. MEPs, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, activists and supporters span the political, racial and social spectrums, united in their belief in our country and our democracy.

Brexit Party - Reforms & Policies

Overview of reforms and policies of the Brexit Party - as they take shape 
Follow this link to the Brexit Party Policies 

Nigel Farage and Richard Tice launching Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in London on 4 Nov. North Devon PPC, Dawn Westcott (front right): Picture from:


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