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Why we're standing down against Conservative seats for this GE
On Monday 11 November, Nigel Farage announced that, in order to try and ensure Brexit is delivered, he is standing down the Brexit Party candidates (PPCs) in all 317 Conservative seats for the 12 Dec General Election.
While this is very disappointing in North Devon, it's important to look at the bigger picture. We are pausing, we haven't gone away. To all of the amazing supporters in North Devon, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all of your encouragement and hard work. Remember, it's only just begun.  British politics needs reforming and it's going to take some time.
The Brexit Party is unique in that it is uniting true democrats across the political, racial and social spectrums. It's been brilliant to see people from all political views and backgrounds coming together in the North Devon Brexit Party, including those who have felt politically homeless. We're having some great discussions. Let's not stop. In this upcoming General Election, you'll have to do what you think is best with your vote to help secure Brexit. I will have to do the same. It's not easy. But please stay positive, look ahead and be proud of what we've started here to change politics for good.

Dawn Westcott
North Devon
The Brexit Party
Restoring Democracy,  Integrity & Trust to British Politics  

Rejuvenating & Investing in our Regions

We believe that a clean-break Brexit and the changes it can bring will be a great opportunity to rebuild Britain. By investing the Brexit dividend in the regions outside London, we can create a country that is fairer and freer as well as more democratic. 

A Sovereign Nation 

We believe that Britain should be a sovereign nation with democratic control over its own laws, borders and money. An independent nation state with an international vision.

Restoring Trust & Integrity

The Brexit Party wants to put the principles of trust and integrity at the centre of political life. Britain needs political leaders that the people can trust - and who will trust the people to make their own democratic decisions. Vote for The Brexit Party.

British Politics Needs Reforming

In 2016, the people of North Devon voted decisively to leave the EU - but politicians aren't listening. Either actively trying to stop Brexit or voting for the awful Withdrawal Agreement.


The betrayal of Brexit by the Westminster establishment reveals that British politics is broken. The old two-party system and outdated policies of Left & Right wing serves only itself. 

The Brexit Party believes that Britain needs fundamental political reform to promote democracy and make the people sovereign. That means challenging the pillars of establishment control.

We believe Britain should be a nation of free and equal citizens, enjoying the historic liberties we pioneered such as freedom of speech, and looking after those in need. We champion the British values of tolerance and fairness and embrace the diversity of Britain's people - and of their opinions.

1 November 2019

Brexit Party General Election Launch

Following the Brexit Party General Election Campaign Launch this morning, all @brexitparty_uk PPCs are standing in the forthcoming General Election, unless @BorisJohnson forms a Leave-Alliance with @brexitparty_uk by 14 Nov and drops Brino Vassalage deal, opting instead to agree a genuine Canada-style FTA Art24 with the EU, with a deadline of 1 Jul or otherwise #WTOBrexit - no ifs or buts.

18 October 2019

BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

North Devon PPC Dawn Westcott's interview for The Brexit Party on Farming Today. It's BRINO not #Brexit and there are great opportunities for farming & fishing with a #CleanBrexit and bespoke UK agricultural policy. Starts approx 7 mins in:…

14 October 2019

Camborne: Brexit optimism for farming 

Dawn Westcott PPC North Devon talking at the Brexit Party

Rally in Camborne recently. 

19 September 2019

BBC Devon radio interview 

Dawn Westcott's interview with Janet Kipling, following the resignation of Liberal Democrat PPC, Dr Kirsten Johnson after her comments on The World This Week. 
It starts around 35 mins 40 seconds into the programme here

19 September 2019

Brexit Party South West Conference
A fantastic buzz from speakers and supporters at the Brexit Party South West Regional Conference & Rally  in Exeter (Sun 22 September)! Don't miss the speeches, incluing Bridgwater & West Somerset PPC Alexander Waugh, SW MEP Christina Jordan, Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage - watch the rally here

7 September 2019

Yelland Quay Development 

Meeting North Devon residents in Barnstaple who are concerned about development plans for Yelland Quay (River Taw Estuary).



3 November 2019

BBC Sunday Politics South West

A lively debate about Boris Johnson's deal! North Devon PPC Dawn Westcott was on BBC Sunday Politics South West on Sun 3 November. Watch it here:



5 October 2019

Brexit will be Brilliant say businessmen! 

Meet four Devon businessmen who think Brexit will be brilliant including North Devon's Scott Wharton of S&J Trawlers Ltd (Ilfracombe) and Steve Kingdon-Saxby of SCL Water (South Molton). Article by Joel Cooper, North Devon Journal here








15 September 2019

BBC Radio 4 The World This Week 

What do the North Devon Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and MP think of the North Devon people and Brexit? BBC Radio 4's Ross Hawkins comes to North Devon to interview us.
Listen here:

29 August 2019

BBC Somerset Radio Claire Carter Show

Dawn Westcott was interviewed about the decision of Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament this autumn and, 'Why I feel it's a reasonable course of action'. Listen to clips of Dawn's comments from the interview here at 


Link to: 

Brexit Party Policies & Reforms


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